Motherboard features Fourth Generation processors

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The KTQM87/mITX from Kontron is described as a vibration and shock proof motherboard with a soldered fourth generation Intel Core processor. Designed for performance intensive applications in harsh environments, the board can drive up to three displays or one 4K monitor.

The board is supplied with a selection of interfaces, but customer specific functions can be also be integrated via standard extension slots such as PCI Express and Mini PCIe as well as via Kontron's embedded Feature Connector. A sim card socket is said to allow the board to be used in Internet of Things applications. Supporting Intel's Advanced Vector Extensions 2.0, the board offers dsp class I/O processing performance, allowing it to be used for real time industrial control applications. Designed around the Intel QM87 chipset, the board supports up to 16Gbyte of DDR3 ram with ECC support. With either a dual or quad core Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processor running at up to 3.4GHz, it includes one PCI Express Gen 3.0 and two Mini PCIe slots. Further peripherals can be connected via four USB3.0 and eight USB2.0 ports. Two gigabit Ethernet interfaces – one with Intel AMT 9.0 support – allow for extended network options.