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Micronas targets growing soundbar audio market

Micronas launches its MAP-M audio single chip audio solution to target growing soundbar market.

Designed specifically for the emerging soundbar market, Micronas has unveiled its fully integrated MAP-M audio single chip audio solution. Also known as sound projectors, soundbars can be located below a flat panel TV to help bridge the gap with high end home theatre systems. Enclosing multiple loudspeakers, Soundbars generate ‘sound beams’ to fill the room with cinema like surround sound. With the MAP-M audio processor, Micronas provides a fully integrated single chip solution for OEMs. MAP-M reduces the BOM and time to market for designs by replacing five ICs with one and providing a complete software solution. “We enable soundbar applications at a price point suitable for cost sensitive manufacturers,” explained Micronas’ director of marketing, Stefan Hepp.