Micron, Intel call time on joint 3D NAND development

Micron and Intel have announced a mutual agreement that, once they complete development of third generation 3D NAND technology towards the end of 2018, they will work independently on future NAND technologies. The move, they claim, will allow them to better optimise the technology and products for their needs.

However, the two will continue to jointly develop and manufacture 3D XPoint based parts at the Intel-Micron Flash Technologies (IMFT) joint venture fab in Utah.

“Micron’s partnership with Intel has been a long-standing collaboration, and we look forward to continuing to work with Intel on other projects as we each forge our own paths in future NAND development,” said Scott DeBoer, Micron’s executive vice president of technology development. “Our roadmap for 3D NAND technology development is strong and we intend to bring highly competitive products to market.”

“We’ve reached a point in the NAND development partnership where it is the right time for the companies to pursue the markets we’re focused on,” said Rob Crooke, general manager of Intel’s non-volatile memory solutions group.