Microchip adds 32Mbit SQI Serial Flash memory to Quad I/O family

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Microchip has expanded its Serial Quad I/O series with the introduction of a 3V, 32Mbit SQI Flash memory device.

The SST26VF032 is a 4bit, multiplexed I/O serial interface device, featuring an enhanced serial interface architecture that allows for low power operation and flexible data/code protection schemes. It has a 80MHz operating frequency and a specialised instruction set. Targeted at execute in place (XIP) applications, the device allows programmes to be stored and executed directly from the Flash memory. The SST26VF032 is available in a 6 x 5 mm, 8pin WSON package and an 8pin SOIC package. Potential applications include mobile handsets, network appliances, gps devices, and smart meters. Microchip claims the device offers industry leading low latency and burst mode operation. Index memory operation is included to accelerate memory data access without the need to load an entire address. The device's proprietary cmos SuperFlash technology is designed to increase manufacturing throughput by enabling a typical programme time of 1ms and a typical erase time of 18ms. Security features include block protection, block protection lockdown and a onetime programmable area that protects unauthorised access and malicious read, programme and erase intentions. Active read current is rated at 12milliamperes, while standby current is said to be 8 microamperes. The device features a leakage current of 1microamperes and has an endurance rate of 100,000 erase/write cycles.