Mentor, NI speed test bench development

Mentor Graphics and National Instruments have developed a solution that provides test oriented feedback to design teams at every step of the design process.
Called the SystemVision SVX Client environment for NI LabVIEW, the software allows designers to develop their test bench against a virtual prototype based upon their specification and to then use the same test bench in LabVIEW for physical prototypes. This process allows test bench development to be done in parallel with system development and prototyping, speeding time to market and time to certification.

"The combination of SystemVision SVX with LabVIEW provides for continuous product test program development much earlier in the development cycle, which provides a traceability that is particularly appealing in businesses with high levels of required certification," said John Pasquarette, pictured, NI's vp of Software Product Marketing. The development is said to allow test program development to proceed without the need for physical prototypes. Test program developers will not only deliver 'ready to go' product tests, they can also provide test oriented feedback to the design teams. The SystemVision SVX environment provides virtual prototype of the system, while LabVIEW implements test program development and execution.