Mentor launches power integrity package

In a move which responds to increasing power supply complexity on modern pcbs, Mentor Graphics has launched HyperLynx PI (power integrity). The software is said to meet the needs of those designing high performance electronic products.

John Isaac, director of market development for Mentor’s System Design Division, said that, previously, designers would only need to create one 5V power plane and ‘life was good’. “Now, you can have 30 power distribution networks and you can’t put them on unique planes.” HyperLynx PI is intended to help designers get appropriate levels of voltage and current to all devices on the pcb. HyperLynx PI works closely with HyperLynx SI (signal integrity) to provide analysis and verification. PI can identify potential problems such as excessive voltage drop, high current densities and excessive via currents. Results can be viewed in graphical and report formats.