MEMS mike for 'zero power' event detection

1 min read

The first commercially available quiescent sensing MEMS device, launched by Vesper, is said to open the possibility of acoustic event detection devices consuming almost no power.

The VM1010 is a single ended analogue piezoelectric MEMS microphone said to consume 3µA while in listening mode. According to Vesper, the device features a rugged piezoelectric transducer that is immune to environmental contaminants, making it suitable for outdoor use as well as in kitchens and cars.

“The VM1010 is the only device that uses sound energy to wake a system from full power down,” said Matt Crowley, CEO, Vesper. “Even when fully powered off, batteries in smartphones and smart speakers naturally dissipate 40 to 80µA, which is far more current than VM1010 needs. This means there is no difference in battery-life for a system using VM1010 in listening mode and a fully powered down conventional system.

“Once embedded in a voice powered TV remote control or smart speaker, for example, VM1010 could allow you to turn on your device from across the room without having to push a button and without diminishing battery life.”