MCU cuts system cost of medical devices

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Texas Instruments has introduced its lowest cost microcontroller with an integrated lcd controller.

Based on its MSP430 ultra low power mcu core, TI says the AFE4110 delivers an industry leading combination of 16bit processing power, built in lcd driver, low power and low cost, while operating on a single 1.5V battery. The device features 16kB ROM, 512B RAM, a 4 x 12 segment lcd driver with charge pump, a high accuracy oscillator and additional features designed for digital thermometers, pedometers, thermostats and portable single alkaline battery devices. According to TI, the AFE4110 represents the lowest price point for an MSP430 16bit mcu with integrated lcd and is designed to offer greater capabilities packaged into one device. It operates on a 1.5V supply, draws a low active current of 50uA/MHz and sleep mode current of less than 0.3uA. Integrating an lcd and 0.3% oscillator, the device eliminates the need for an external crystal. video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player