Locix selects Imagination's Ensigma Wi-Fi IP for high-performance local positioning

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​Imagination Technologies has announced that Locix has selected its Ensigma high-performance IEEE 802.11ac 2x2 MIMO Wi-Fi baseband and Radio Frequency (RF) Intellectual Property (IP) for use in its Locix Local Positioning System (LPS) solution, a Wi-Fi-based, ultra-precise and cost-effective local positioning system for indoor and outdoor environments.

Locix selected Ensigma due to the ease of integration and customisation, enabling it to create a cost-effective solution that delivers high-accuracy location. Locix LPS is a full-stack solution to precisely locate and track Wi-Fi-enabled devices such as asset trackers, mobile phones, IoT sensors, appliances, equipment and users in complex real-world indoor environments, including warehouses and manufacturing plants. The solution enables accurate and reliable spatial and location tracking for use in industrial and commercial spaces to increase visibility and improve productivity and efficiency.

Working with the Locix team, Ensigma customised its IP to enable it to record high-accuracy Wi-Fi packet arrival and departure times along with other key parameters used by Locix’s advanced algorithms. This is a key factor in enabling the Locix LPS to overcome traditional issues such as absorption, reflection, and bandwidth limitations that have plagued alternative solutions in order to achieve sub-1m accuracy in real-world environments.

Vikram Pavate, CEO, Locix, said, “The combination of software flexibility supported by the dedicated hardware in Ensigma’s IP was ideal for our high-performance Wi-Fi solution. By working with a single supplier for both baseband and RF, we’ve been able to develop our product faster and get to market sooner than if we’d worked with multiple IP vendors. Working in partnership with the Ensigma team has made the development process easier due to their knowledge and expertise.”

Gerry Conlon, Executive Vice President Ensigma, Imagination Technologies, continued, “Locix has developed a best-in-class solution, utilising a fully-customised Ensigma Wi-Fi IP to solve the difficult problems of large-scale logistics with high reliability and accessible usability. We’re delighted to be working with Locix on this enhancement as we believe it will change the way that location technology is performed on Wi-Fi.”

Imagination Technologies has developed its Ensigma Wi-Fi product range for customers wishing to add connectivity to their system-on-chips (SoCs) using field-proven, silicon-validated IP. Its Wi-Fi portfolio includes complete baseband and RF IP for 802.11ac and 802.11n, in several technology nodes such as TSMC 40LP and GlobalFoundries 22FDX.