LIN transceivers cut footprint by 75%

1 min read

Atmel has launched two new stand alone LIN transceiver ICs in DFN packages, which it claims enable a 75% reduction in overall pcb area.

Compared to standard SO8 packages, which measure 5 x 6.5mm, the ATA6670's DFN Package comes in at 3 x 4.5mm, while the ATA6663 measures just 3 x 3mm. Both devices are pin compatible, meaning customers can use either the single or the dual LIN transceiver on the same pcb design without any changes. Atmel claims it is the first ever company to provide LIN DFN packages with wettable flanks that make solder joints visible. This feature is said to enable the use of automated optical inspection tools during final quality tests at the system manufacturers' production line and eliminate the need for X-ray inspections. In addition, the wettable flanks are designed to enable improved soldering performance for temperature cycling. The LIN devices are manufactured using Atmel's high voltage BCD-on-SOI process, which is optimised for operations up to 40V for applications in harsh automotive environments.