LG begins mass production of flexible e-paper display

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LG has started mass production of thewhat it claims is the world's first flexible e-paper display for use in e-books.

The 'revolutionary' plastic screen has a resolution of 1024 x 768 and measures 6in across, which is comparable to Amazon's Kindle. LG claims, however, that because it's made of plastic and not glass, the display is half the weight (14g) and 30% thinner (0.7mm) than a comparable, glass e-ink panel. According to LG's Sang Duck Yeo, the EPD is able to maintain strong durability in high temperatures up to 350°C and has an extremely flexible design that allows bending at a range of 40° from the centre of the screen. Tests have proven that the device can withstand being dropped from heights of 1.5m, and, when put through a break/scratch test involving hitting the display with a small urethane hammer, no scratches or breakage were said to have occurred. The first displays are expected to be launched in Europe next month.