LED lighting control solution

With an eye on the burgeoning market for led lighting, Cypress has launched what it terms a complete design solution for high brightness intelligent led lighting systems.

The EZ-Color family of led controllers takes advantage of the company’s PSoC Express visual design tool to allow designers to select an led and choose a colour, allowing a solution to be generated. Rajiv Nema, the company’s senior global marketing manager, noted the current solution was to use a microcontroller to drive switching regulators, thereby controlling led colour and brightness. “With EZ-Color,” he claimed, “users can control up to 16 channels, with the resolution of each channel adjustable from 8 to 32bit.” EZ-Color controllers are powered by a new Cypress technology called PRISM – Precise Illumination Signal Modulation. According to the company, this reduces low frequency flicker and radiated emi. Three EZ-Color devices are available, driving four, eight and 16 channels. An evaluation board can also be supplied.