IT professionals ‘confused’ about IoT security

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A survey which quizzed more than 350 IT professionals in the US about their organisations’ IoT security practices revealed that, while most acknowledge growing numbers of IoT devices on their networks, they are unaware of how to secure them properly.

Amongst the findings of the survey – conducted on behalf of US network security specialist ForeScout Techologies – are that 70% of respondents lacked confidence in their ability to see devices joining their networks – and 25% said they weren’t confident at all.

Other key findings include 30% of respondents saying their company didn’t have a specific solution to secure IoT devices, while more than a quarter didn’t know if there were security policies on their devices.

“This survey demonstrates not only how pervasive the IoT is within the enterprise, but also how much confusion there is around how to secure it,” said Rob Greer, ForeScout Technologies’ CMO. “Everyday, new ‘things’ are being added to corporate networks with little regard to their level of security risk. Each insecure device represents a vulnerable point-of-entry into a company’s larger network and companies are starting to realize this.”

The report found that the current penetration of IoT devices is perceived to be quite low, but that respondents are not confident their perception is accurate. When asked which devices were networked, the survey found the current penetration of IoT devices was actually quite high – and uncontrolled.

The report concluded there is a ‘dire need’ for advanced security – and for addressing hurdles to advanced security.