IQE, imec develop GaN power diodes, extend partnership

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Following a collaborative project in which imec and IQE developed GaN power diodes, the latter is now joining imec’s GaN on Si industrial affiliation programme.

In the project, imec combined its Gated Edge Terminated Schottky diode device architecture with IQE’s high voltage GaN buffers on 200mm Si substrates. The diodes were said to have shown low leakage current up to 650V and low turn on voltage.

imec’s GaN on Si industrial affiliation programme offers joint R&D on GaN on Si 200mm epitaxy and enhancement mode device technology to a variety of companies. The programme includes research on novel substrates to improve the quality of epitaxial layers, new isolation modules to enhance integration levels and advanced vertical device development. IQE will gain access to next generation epitaxy, devices and power electronics processes, including imec’s complete 200mm CMOS compatible GaN process line.

Wayne Johnson, head of IQE’s power business unit, said: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to extend our relationship with imec through the Industrial Affiliation Program.

“The importance of GaN on Si for power devices cannot be understated, particularly as we enter an era of electrically propelled transportation and increasing demands for energy efficient power control systems that require high voltage and high power capabilities.”

“We look forward to collaborating with IQE to advance our promising results, which demonstrate that our proprietary GET Schottky diode device architecture and process technology can be transferred to external wafers like those provided by IQE,” added Rudi Cartuyvels, imec’s executive vice president, smart systems and energy technology.