Improve your image

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QuickLogic has partnered with UK based imaging technology specialist Apical to add the latter’s iridix display enhancement technology to its Customer Specific Standard Product (CSSP) platform families.

Under the agreement, the iridix core will form the basis of QuickLogic’s Visual Enhancement Engine (VEE) proven system block (PSB). When implemented in QuickLogic’s programmable fabric, the VEE PSB improves viewability, whilst reducing backlight power in mobile device displays by more than 50%. Apical has provided QuickLogic an exclusive licence for implementing the iridix core in silicon for the mobile market. “We are thrilled to have this opportunity to extend our leadership in mobile platform design by addressing industry challenges in getting the most out of multimedia display technology,” said Dr Tim Saxe, QuickLogic’s cto. “Using Apical’s technology in our VEE PSB enables our customers to meet the rising demand for a high quality mobile image and video viewing experience.” Michael Tusch, Apical’s ceo, added: “QuickLogic’s CSSP platform offers a compelling approach for the portable market by producing solutions that combine flexibility with enhanced functionality in a timely and cost effective method, which is difficult to achieve by other technologies today.” The VEE PSB is available now on QuickLogic’s PolarPro family and will be integrated as a hard logic implementation in the next generation of ArcticLink.