IDT announces ‘world’s first’ high definition audio codecs with 3 state class D modulation

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Integrated Device Technology has unveiled what it claims to be the world's first range of high definition pc audio codecs with 3 state class D modulation.

The codecs feature DDX based class D modulation technology developed by Apogee Technology, which IDT says extends battery life, elimates pops and clicks, and reduces EMI in notebook and desktop audio systems. The IDT 92HD9x range integrates equalisation, dynamics processing and filtering in hardware, which is designed to enhance audio output. It also has a set of features implemented in software to enhance microphone inputs, such as acoustic echo cancellation, noise suppression and beam forming for unified communications. "IDT is dedicated to raising the 'audio bar' in the computing world," said Patrick Griffith, senior marketing director of the Analogue and Power Division at IDT. "This new family of IDT audio codecs adds to an already comprehensive portfolio and boasts a compelling feature set, allowing customers to select the right codec for a variety of audio configurations." The codecs include an integrated high pass filter designed to prevent speaker damage by blocking low frequency content the output transducers cannot reproduce. When used in conjunction with the integrated band-pass filter, 2.1 speaker configurations are possible using the mono subwoofer output.