IBM Zurich develops software to ease wireless sensor complexity

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MEMS solution developer MEMSIC has entered into a contract with IBM under which it will offer one of its most popular sensors with IBM software that enables enterprises to build smarter products and systems.
Motes – or wireless sensor nodes – gather sensory information, such as temperature, movement, or light and communicate that data across a network of wireless sensors.

According to MEMSIC, programming and connecting wireless sensors can be challenging, therefore limiting the ability of companies, governments and universities to take advantage of wireless sensor technology. To change this, MEMSIC will bundle its IRIS wireless sensor motes with Mote Runner, a software platform invented by scientists at IBM's Zurich Research Laboratory. "Mote Runner on MEMSIC IRIS motes is a wireless sensor network in a box," said Dr Thorsten Kramp, pictured, developer of Mote Runner at IBM Research Zurich. "The combination of MEMSIC's IRIS mote with Mote Runner makes developing for and operating a wireless sensor network easy and straightforward." Steve Tsui, MEMSIC's vp of worldwide sales, system business, said: "We share the same vision as IBM – of a world that is instrumented and connected with sensors – which is why we are preinstalling Mote Runner on our IRIS mote. This powerful combination will provide an efficient, scalable, easy to implement and cost effective solution."