IBM, University of Bristol collaboration helps drive innovation

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The University of Bristol is to work with IBM on joint research and technology projects in intelligent infrastructure and cloud computing.

According to IBM executive partner and Bristol partnership executive, Jon Bentley, the aim of the relationship is to stimulate growth and drive innovation, while expanding the scope of resources and experiences offered to students. "Students and staff at the university will work more closely with IBM teams to develop the skills and technology needed for an ever changing world," said Bentley. "The work that will be carried out by the teams will look at how new intelligent infrastructure can help the world function more efficiently and help create a smarter planet." Potential targets for smarter infrastructure will include cars, appliances, roadways, power grids, clothes and natural systems such as agriculture and waterways. Professor Eric Thomas, vice chancellor of the University of Bristol, pictured, added: "Jointly, we will look at accessing research funding, recruitment activities, staff secondment and possible mentoring opportunities. I look forward to building on our existing links and our shared goal of delivering a truly phenomenal student experience."