IAR, Nuclei, and MachineWare to accelerate RISC-V ASIL compliant automotive innovation

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IAR, an embedded software developer, has joined forces with Nuclei System Technology and MachineWare to accelerate innovation in RISC-V ASIL-compliant automotive solutions.

Credit: IAR

This collaboration is intended to streamline firmware and MCAL development and aims to help designers start their software development sooner and easily scale their testing environments.

The agreement between Nuclei, IAR, and MachineWare will enable the seamless transition between virtual and physical SoCs, facilitating early software development and bug detection. This streamlined approach accelerates time-to-market, particularly in automotive system solution development and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing scenarios.

Nuclei System Technology is a RISC-V CPU IP vendor with a strong focus on automotive applications. Their comprehensive portfolio and ASIL-B to ASIL-D certified RISC-V CPUs, coupled with functional safety packages, support various automotive markets, facilitating chip design companies' certification processes.

MachineWare specialises in ultra-fast virtual prototypes. It offers the SIM-V platform for high-speed RISC-V simulation which facilitates comprehensive emulation of entire systems, enabling software analysis, verification, and development before physical prototypes are available, helping to reduce development time and costs.

According to Anders Holmberg, CTO at IAR, the collaboration between the three companies will be of significance to the automotive industry. "This partnership brings together our strengths to advance RISC-V SoCs in vehicles. Our certified solutions simplify supply chain processes, supporting safety and security compliance. This opens opportunities for innovation and distinction in the market.”

“Nuclei‘s ISO 26262 certified RISC-V CPU IPs offer flexibility and efficiency in silicon development to meet the requirements of Automotive from ASIL-B to ASIL-D,” said Dr. Jianying Peng, CEO of Nuclei, “Together with IAR and MachineWare, we will enable customers in the automotive industry to accelerate their development efforts, ensuring the successful achievement of functional safety and cybersecurity protection.”

“Our ultra-fast RISC-V simulator SIM-V empowers engineers to simulate complex hardware/software systems long before physical prototypes are even available. This speeds up the development process and reduces expensive bugs,” said Lukas Jünger, co-founder of MachineWare.