Hypervisor upgraded

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LynuxWorks has upgraded its embedded hypervisor to LynxSecure 3.0.

According to the company, the software can run fully virtualised guest operating systems simultaneously on the same hardware as para virtualised and real time operating systems, with each running in their own secure partition. LynxSecure runs on any 32 or 64bit processor with a memory management unit and provides 100% application binary compatibility between a standalone OS and its virtualised version. LynxSecure is a Type-1 hypervisor, running directly on system hardware and providing platform virtualization to the guest OS. This architecture provides near-native performance for the guest OS and superior security, since LynxSecure has complete control of the hardware" says Arun Subbarao, vice president of engineering at LynuxWorks. Arun Subbarao (pictured), vice president of engineering at LynuxWorks, said: "The addition of full virtualisation to LynxSecure now offers the ability to run un-modified guest operating systems like Windows at a much higher performance than the traditional emulation layer approach provided by other solutions."