HSPA module aims to cut cost of 3G

Intel is partnering with Swiss manufacturer u-blox to bring to market a 3G only HSPA module.

The small, low cost chipset will be based on Intel's XMM 6255 HSPA modem platform and packaged in u-blox's 3G only module. "We have partnered with Intel to bring the cost of 3G connectivity down," said Nikolaos Papadopoulos, president of u-blox America. "For 3G only M2M devices, our compact HSPA only module is layout compatible with our popular SARA GSM/GPRS wireless module series. The modem supports full HSPA connectivity and low power consumption in an ultra small form factor." Horst Pratsch, head of product line modules and M2M at Intel, added: "The XMM 6255 platform is latest innovation by Intel and specifically designed for M2M. "Integrating the 3G power amplifier in the transceiver delivers the smallest possible size and lowest number of components, enabling new applications of 3G in M2M applications."