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High tech meters for every home in UK

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The government has announced that all UK homes will have gas and electricity meters replaced by 'smart' meters by 2020.

By replacing gas and electricity meters with the high tech meters, the government says that every household in Britain could reduce its energy use, cut carbon emissions and save money. The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) stated: "Smart meters will be a key step towards future smart grids which have the potential to help our shift to a low carbon economy, making it easier for renewable generation to feed into the grid, including micro and community level generation and will support the decarbonisation of heat and transport through the greater use of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles." Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Milliband, added: "The meters most of us have in our homes were designed for a different age, before climate change. Now we need to get smarter with our energy. Smart meters will empower all consumers to monitor their own energy use and make reductions in energy consumption and carbon emissions as a result." Milliband believed that the meters will put an end to inaccurate bills and estimated meter readings. In a statement, EDF Energy, which is setting up 3000 trial smart meters, stated that the meters would provide domestic and SME customers with real time consumption data that will assist in the adoption of energy efficient behaviours. The company also explained that the meters would provide a range of opportunities for suppliers to offer new services and new pricing structures supporting energy efficiency.