Hall effect switch IC is ‘world’s smallest’

Diodes has released what it claims is the world's smallest dual output omnipolar hall effect switch IC. It has been specifically designed for open/close detection in portable, battery powered products such as mobile phones and notebooks.

The dual output AH1891 is optimised for operation over the supply voltage range of 1.8 to 3.3V and has a sleep function that enables an average current consumption of 7µA. Provided in an 0.8 x 0.8mm CSP package, Diodes claims the IC is 13 times smaller than common three leaded TSOT packaged alternatives and 'significantly' smaller than other DFN and SOT553 packaged parts. The device's profile measures less than 0.5mm, while its integrated pull up resistors are designed to help simplify the external applications circuit. With operating and release points optimised and stable over the temperature range -40 to 85ºC, Diodes says the AH1891 is immune to the possibility of early or late switching effects.