Future transport communications study completed

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Plextek led consortium completes year long study for communications industry regulator Ofcom.

A Plextek led consortium has completed a groundbreaking year long study for communications industry regulator Ofcom on the future of communications in the transport industry over the next 20 years. Plextek’s study concluded that whilst a good deal of the technology needed to deliver future transport applications has already been invented and therefore not a barrier to progress, demand for spectrum in transport will increase and a few applications will need new spectrum. Ofcom commissioned the study as part of its annual review into the future of communications technology. Ofcom’s major aim was to examine particular sectors of society to accurately predict the likely evolution of communications technology, and whether any regulatory actions are required to assist and stimulate development. “Plextek has a long history of working with Ofcom and we were delighted to have been chosen to lead this study,” said Plextek senior consultant, Steve Methley. “Unlike previous studies, this one did not look at a specific technology or product, but at the industry as a whole which posed a new challenge for us. We are pleased that our conclusions have gained wide agreement within the UK’s transport industry.”