Free tool models CPU power consumption

1 min read

Researchers from the University of Southampton have developed a CPU power modelling tool as part of their work within the EPSRC-funded PRiME research programme.

The tool – available free of charge – uses models built and validated from real, measured data, which means that tool accuracy is known and power figures can be trusted.

Gerry Scott, PRiME programme impact and collaboration manager, said: “Obtaining accurate data from mobile devices can be challenging and more time-consuming than using a simulator or desktop or server devices. For this reason, we are making available our experimental platform software tools which allow workloads to be automatically run on a mobile device. Metrics such as performance monitoring counters (PMCs), temperature, CPU utilisation, CPU power and CPU voltage are collected and analysed to produce accurate power models.”

The PRiME power modelling software has two main features: It allows users to automate the model building methodology for their hardware of choice, producing accurate and stable model; and it provides power models for specific CPUs.