Flagship vector signal generator unveiled

Test specialist Rohde & Schwarz has launched the SMW200A, a flagship vector signal generator which combines a baseband generator, rf generator and MIMO fading simulator.

The vector signal generator covers frequencies from 100kHz to 3GHz or 6GHz and boasts an I/Q modulation bandwidth of 160MHz with internal baseband. The device can be equipped with an optional second rf path for frequencies of up to 6GHz and up to two baseband and four fading simulator modules. This allows a range of fading scenarios to be explored which have, until now, required complex setups with multiple instruments. Rohde & Schwarz has also upgraded its RTM oscilloscope line up with the addition of a 20Mpoint memory and a 16 digital channel logic analysis option. Along with colour coded controls, the scopes feature logically grouped menus with flat structures and dedicated keys for frequently used functions.