Fairchild buys sensor fusion specialist

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Fairchild has confirmed that it acquired Netherlands based sensor fusion specialist Xsens earlier in 2014. In January, the company said it was 'excited to announce that we recently acquired a private, high performance sensor systems company which we have been collaborating with for more than a year'.

Xsens describes itself as 'the leading innovator in 3D motion tracking technology and products'. Its technologies are said to have application in consumer devices, including motion tracking for movies and similar, and in industrial control. Vijay Ullal, Fairchild's president and COO, said: "We will be combining Xsens' technology with our low power MEMS capability to create a new generation of motion trackers. If we can bring the price down, we will be able to address the health and fitness markets, as well as a wider range of applications than can be addressed at the moment." However, Ullal said he doesn't want to compete in the same markets as companies like STMicroelectronics or Invensys. "We want to go into applications where low power and accuracy is important and where full system solutions are needed." Casper Peeters, Xsens' ceo, added: "Both companies share a common vision and our teams are already working together to develop new products which combine Fairchild's low power MEMS technology and our sensor fusion expertise."