Eye tracking developer gets €16million investment

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Amadeus Capital Partners and Northzone Ventures have led a €16million B round investment in Tobii Technology, a leading developer of eye tracking systems.

The company's eye tracking devices and software are sold for scientific and market research and as assistive computer interaction for people with communication disabilities. Although the company has thus far developed portable devices, it will shortly launch a device that can be clipped on to a standard screen. "Excellent technology and proven ability to grow rapidly puts Tobii in a unique position to capitalise on the huge opportunities of eye tracking. We look forward to working with this company in their continued growth and success", says Hans Otterling of Northzone Ventures. Tobii, founded in 2001, employs some 200 people and has a turnover of €19m. John Elvesjo, Tobii vice president, said: "Tobii is growing rapidly and profitably, but we need to harness our ambition to the experience of international investors with track records in building successful global technology companies, which this funding round enables us to do".