Enhancements deliver gains for mixed signal and analogue design

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Cadence Design Systems has announced major enhancements to its custom / analogue flow, said to boost productivity at nodes down to 20nm.

The electronic design specialist says its Virtuoso enhancements cab deliver 'big productivity gains' for complex custom, analogue and mixed signal designs. It includes methodology improvements to enable management of design parasitics, an integrated DFM capability and an integrated Virtuoso power system. According to Cadence, it provides an accurate way to manage power and signal integrity issues. New editing, estimation, and automation features are designed to help deliver unified intent, abstraction and convergence throughout the flow. A new waveform viewer - tuned for handling large transient simulation databases - eliminates the need to buy and integrate a similar third party tool. Other enhancements include automated constraint checking; a new design rule editing engine; and an interactive short locator. "A unified custom/analogue flow enables our customers to achieve a faster path to silicon success than patching together point tools," said David Desharnais, pictured, group director, product management at Cadence. "With the bold enhancements we've made to our Virtuoso flow, users can expect the utmost in productivity and predictability for their complex custom, analogue and mixed signal designs."