Echelon, Marvell address growing demand for IIoT connectivity

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Looking to capitalise on the burgeoning industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market, Echelon has launched the IzoT platform.

The multiprotocol stack is said to focus on enabling existing and new 'things' – such as small, low powered sensors and actuators – to connect amongst themselves and take action in a peer to peer fashion, with or without interaction with the centralised client/server 'internet' portion. The IzoT platform, which will be open, will run on wired and wireless connections. Echelon will be releasing beta versions of its IzoT multiprotocol stack for the ARM architecture, as well as reference implementations for the Raspberry Pi. By adding support for legacy and emerging devices and by adding short range wireless capabilities, Echelon says it will offer an easy and reliable way to build large scale heterogeneous networks of industrial grade devices. Meanwhile, Echelon and Marvell are collaborating to bring industrial grade Wi-Fi to the IIoT market. As part of the collaboration, Marvell will include elements of Echelon's IzoT platform in the Easy Connect Software SDK for its Wi-Fi microcontroller platform, while Echelon will add a range of Marvell-based Wi-Fi control modules to its portfolio for the development of industrial grade wireless devices. "For 25 years, Echelon has been focused on what we are now calling the IIoT market – rock solid and scalable device connectivity with the industrial grade qualities needed for mission critical commercial and industrial environments," said Ron Sege, pictured, Echelon's ceo. "By combining Echelon's IzoT platform with Marvell's innovative Wi-Fi solutions, developers can create wireless devices designed to work in challenging industrial environments." Echelon will roll out IzoT optimised Wi-Fi modules in 2014. These will be based on the Marvell MC200 microcontroller and the industrial-grade Marvell 8801 Wi-Fi chip with IIoT specific I/O interfaces.