DVCon Europe announces Keynotes for 2019

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The Design and Verification Conference & Exhibition Europe (DVCon Europe), to be held in Munich on October 29th and 30th and sponsored by the Accellera Systems Initiative, has announced two keynote speakers

Lars Reger, Chief Technology Officer and SVP Technology at NXP Semiconductors, will talk about ‘Safe Computing at the Edge’ and Preeti Nagarajan, Head of Strategy for Networks at Ericsson will present ‘Enabling Technologies and the Future of Networks’.

Lars Reger will explore the challenges en route to an ever smarter on-demand world. Advances in two areas have spurred the evolution of electronics in the last few years: connectivity on the one side, storage and processing power of the cloud on the other. They were the starting point for manufacturers to make their devices smarter: from a wristwatch to a connected vehicle. Smarter than a stand-alone device could ever be, and in addition, capable of self-learning.

However, the cloud has reached its limits: to reliably monitor an entire production site or drive a fully autonomous car through traffic, processing all data in the cloud becomes simply too slow, too bandwidth-hungry, and too insecure as a single point of service. Therefore, edge computing is where the action is and will be; directly at the smart device.

Mastering edge computing with the right level of safety and security is critical to the deployment of artificial intelligence in the mass market.

Preeti Nagarajan will delve into the dilemmas involved when quicker innovation is needed in order to enable technologies to support complex systems in a consolidating and geo-politically polarized industry landscape.

Network traffic grows at a near exponential rate and operators will need to add 30% capacity every year while keeping both OPEX and CAPEX under control. In addition, network architecture is impacted by disaggregation, openness and virtualization. Clarity in architecture is essential while at the same time, networks must evolve to use pro-active network insights and analytics enabled solutions. The digitalization of several functions on sub-system level increases the importance of the SoC in a system. As the need increases, we also see that the industry landscape supporting several enabling technologies including SoCs is consolidating.

Lars Reger has been Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Senior Vice President (SVP) Technology at NXP Semiconductors since December 2018 and was formerly Senior Vice President and CTO of NXP Automotive.

Preeti Nagarajan has been Head of Strategy for Networks at Ericsson since December 2018.

The technical programme for DVCon Europe is now available and registration is open, with advance reduced rates until September 27th.

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