Doogee releases new modular phone

1 min read

DOOGEE, a smartphone company founded in Spain in 2013, continues its ‘modular smartphone’ approach with the launch of a new device.

Modular smartphones use different components that can be easily upgraded or replaced. This aims to reduce electronic waste, lower repair costs and increase user comfort.

The S95Pro is waterproof and drop-proof, with 8GB and 128GB UFS 2.0. It comes with a 48MP wide-angle Sony camera. Modules can be installed and connected to the phone using a simple magnetic mechanism.

It includes a 6W module pack of 27mm speakers, integrated with an independent large battery for 10 hours of playback. It also has a long-lasting 5150mAh battery, can convert to a power-saving frequency, and includes turbo fast charging technology. The magnetic battery module can also be quickly changed to a 3500mAh additional power source.

This builds on the functionality of the company’s previous model, the DOOGEE S90. That waterproof phone included add-ons with potentially lifesaving functionality such as a night-vision camera and a two-way antenna for emergency radio communication.