DLP technology set to be deployed in headlight systems

Texas Instruments has updated its DLP technology to enable high resolution headlight systems to be deployed in cars. The latest DLP chipset, demonstrated at CES, is said by the company to be the only such device that not only combines full programmability, but also supports more than 1million addressable pixels per headlight. This, it adds, is more than 10,000 times the resolution of existing adaptive driving beam (ADB) technologies.

The DLP based ADB solution can be used to create headlight systems that maximise brightness, while minimising glare for oncoming traffic or reflections from traffic signs. The technology is said to work with any light source and to give engineers a way to control light distribution on the road more precisely through customisable beam patterns. The system also allows individual pixels to be partially or fully dimmed, potentially supporting the use of full beam in all conditions without impacting other drivers.

A further application is to use DLP based headlight systems to project relevant information on to the road, enhancing communication between drivers, pedestrians and other vehicles.

DLP technology, unveiled by TI in 1987, has been used widely in cinema projection systems.