DC power supplies feature wide current and voltage ranges

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Tektronix has announced two additions to its line of bench instruments: the PWS4000 series programmable dc power supply and the PWS2000 series dc power supply.

The power supplies are designed to integrate with other Tektronix bench instruments such as oscilloscopes and digital multimeters and deliver wide current and voltage ranges. According to Tektronix, the power supplies are suitable for design engineers who require high performance, feature rich power supplies at competitive prices. Mike Flaherty, general manager, bench instruments, Tektronix, said: "Our objective is to make life easier for engineers by giving them a complete set of instruments all designed with the same quality, ease of use and familiar operation they expect from Tektronix. And, we've ensured all of our bench instruments can easily connect through a common pc software for integrated test tasks." With wide current and voltage ranges, plus up to 0.1mA and 1mV resolution, engineers can generate the power needed for a variety of applications. A numeric keypad for direct key in entry, and up to 40 user defined setup memories, makes voltage and current selection fast and precise. The PWS4000 series offers up to 72V output voltage with .03% basic voltage accuracy and .05% basic current accuracy. The PWS2000 Series also provides up to 72V output voltage with .05% basic voltage accuracy and .2% basic current accuracy. The series provides a built in list mode that allows users to define up to seven lists with up to 80 steps per list. Lists can be configured to step through the sequence based on external triggers or front panel button presses. Alternately, users can specify the duration for each step and the instrument will automatically step through the sequence. The PWS4000 provides plug and play connectivity to a personal computer with its USB device port. Since the instruments are USBTMC compliant, they can be controlled using any software development tool that supports this industry standard protocol.