Cyber security for connected and autonomous vehicles

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A partnership between Ricardo and Roke Manor Research is looking to develop solutions that will make autonomous and connected transport robust against cyber attack.

Roke’s managing director David Cole said: “A new approach to connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) technology design and implementation is essential. From infotainment, maintenance and navigation, to vehicle to vehicle systems for fully autonomous driving – all provide a potential opportunity for malicious hacking attack.”

The companies are already partners in the UK 5StarS project which aims to develop a consumer rating framework for automotive cyber security. Under the terms of their latest partnership, Ricardo and Roke will contribute additional resources to develop joint product and service opportunities, building upon the synergies of their combined capabilities.

“I am pleased that we have been able to conclude this agreement with Roke Manor Research,” said Ricardo’s CEO Dave Shemmans. “Through this partnership, our two companies are jointly demonstrating a commitment to delivering world-class solutions that leverage future technology and innovation while also ensuring the highest standards of safety and cyber security.”

Cyber security is now seen as a fundamental requirement of CAV technology, with many new vehicles connected over the air. “The key is to design security into the product, right from the start,” Cole added. “Our partnership with Ricardo means that we can rapidly develop new tools, processes and assurance schemes which will allow consumers to have confidence in their new, smarter vehicles.”