Construction begins on Bloodhound’s ultimate car

Designed to set a new land speed world record of 1000mph, the Bloodhound SSC UK racing car is due to begin construction this week. According to Bloodhound's chief engineer Mark Chapman, the first technical drawings were handed to Hampson three days ago for work to begin on fabricating the rear chassis. ACG and Cosworth are also due to begin work on the front section of the car and data logging and telemetry systems respectively.

"After three years of working on a virtual car, Hampson, Cosworth, ACG and our other technical partners are helping us make it a reality at last," said Chapman. "It's a great moment for us. We've invested the equivalent of 30 years getting the programme to this stage." The Bloodhound SSC, dubbed the 'ultimate racing car', is thought to be the fastest car in the world. It is set for UK runway trials in Q2 2012 ahead of the start of high speed runs in South Africa and the world record attempt in 2012/2013. The international education initiative will provide more than 4000 schools with curriculum ready resources to help bring science and maths lessons to life. An estimated 6million teachers worldwide will have access to the project via IT partner Intel's 'Skoool' initiative.