CommAgility LTE platform supports eNodeB and UE LTE-Advanced functionality

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A stand-alone hardware platform supporting eNodeB and UE configurations for LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) networks has been announced by CommAgility.

The platform is said to come pre-integrated and tested with CommAgility's Small Cell or Mobile LTE software, providing out-of-the box connectivity.

The CA-D8A4-RF4 is designed for use in applications such as small cell, relay and terminal equipment, in private network markets including Citizens Broadband Radio Service and ground-to-air.

Baseband processing is performed by the TCI6638K2K System on Chip from Texas Instruments. The CommAgility LTE SmallCell software is said to support an eNodeB with 120 active, 360 connected users and a throughput of up to 300Mbps downlink, 102Mbps uplink. EPC integration can also be supported to create a stand-alone network on the platform.

According to CommAgility, as a terminal, the mobile platform supports a Release 10 feature set with 20MHz bandwidth, 2x2 MIMO and 64QAM and the LTE UE software makes it ideal for highly differentiated LTE UE products that require customisation.

The CA-D8A4-RF4 is said to have a software-defined RF front end with four transmit and can receive channels supporting bands between 410MHz and 5925MHzm with bandwidths up to 100MHz.

Independent front end modules should support TDD and FDD modes of operation up to +21dBm rated power output per antenna and allow easy customisation for different frequency bands or higher power outputs.

The channels can be operated in 4x4 MIMO or 2x2 MIMO 2CC carrier aggregated mode. To help support remote radio head operation, three CPRI interfaces are provided.

CommAgility also says there are a range of build options and further customisation of the platform and enclosure design is possible in volume.