CES 2012: Low cost sensor design enables multiple camera solutions

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Lattice Semiconductor will be demonstrating a low cost, dual image sensor design at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2012) in Las Vegas.

In collaboration with cmos imaging specialist Aptina, the company has developed a dual image sensor design that uses two Aptina MT9M024/MT9M034, 720P image sensors. The design combines an image into a single bus on which an ISP can operate and the output stream can be used to implement 3D stereoscopic video or other multicamera operations. According to Lattice, the low cost enables other consumer applications such as automotive black box drive recorders and surround view cameras. The Lattice MachXO2 pld and a small sdram chip implement the logic and frame buffering that allow the two image sensors to be merged into one ISP bus. Ted Marena, director of Business Development for Lattice, said the sensor design allows vendors to quickly offer multiple camera solutions for the consumer market. "By leveraging the Aptina High speed Serial Pixel interface bus of the MT9M024/MT9M034 we were able to select a smaller I/O package for the Lattice MachXO2 device, which helped lower the cost."