Cadence tools enabled for Samsung Foundry GAA tech

1 min read

The Cadence Innovus Implementation System and Quantus Extraction Solution are now enabled for the Samsung Foundry Gate-All-Around (GAA) technology.

The Cadence tools have been confirmed to meet Samsung Foundry’s technology requirements, which lets customers who produce high-end products for the mobile, networking, server and automotive markets leverage GAA technology.

Additionally, the duo report that their long-term collaboration has resulted in a successful test vehicle tapeout using this extreme ultraviolet (EUV) technology.

Cadence provided Samsung Foundry with advanced design methodologies for the Innovus Implementation System and Quantus Extraction Solution to ensure signoff verification was completed for the test vehicle tapeout. The Innovus Implementation System delivered optimised performance with Samsung’s advanced design rules, while the Quantus Extraction Solution demonstrated strong correlation with implementation, resulting in the on-time tapeout of the industry-standard CPU block.

The Innovus Implementation System and Quantus Extraction Solution are part of the broader Cadence digital and signoff portfolio. The integrated Cadence full-flow digital and signoff tools are designed to provide a fast path to design closure and better predictability. It also supports the company’s overall System Design Enablement strategy, which Cadence says will enable systems and semiconductor companies to create complete, differentiated end products more efficiently.