Breakthrough in spin wave data processing

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A novel method for the simultaneous propagation of spin wave signals in multiple directions at the same frequency without the need for any external magnetic field has been developed by a team at the National University of Singapore. According to the scientists, the novel method could pave the way for high speed, miniaturised data processing devices.

While spin wave based devices are one of the most promising alternatives to current semiconductor technology, spin wave signal propagation is anisotropic in nature – its properties vary in different directions – thus posing challenges for practical industrial applications of such devices.

To resolve this issue, the researchers used a novel structure comprising different layers of magnetic materials, which is said to allow for ultra-low power operations.

“The ability to propagate spin waves signal in arbitrary directions is a key requirement for actual circuitry implementation. Hence, the implication of our invention is far-reaching and addresses a key challenge for the industrial application of spin wave technology. This will pave the way for non-charge based information processing and realisation of such devices,” said Dr Arabinda Haldar.

“The discovery would make possible the on-demand control of spin waves, as well as the local manipulation of information and reprogramming of magnetic circuits, thus enabling the implementation of spin wave based computing and coherent processing of data,” said Professor Adekunle Adeyeye.