Aruba joins EnOcean Alliance

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Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, has joined the EnOcean Alliance as a participant member.

When using both Aruba's Wi-Fi infrastructure and EnOcean's energy harvesting wireless solutions customers will now be able to create hyperaware smart buildings that are cognizant of, and responsive to, their changing operating environment and occupant needs.

Aruba, based in Santa Clara, California, is a provider of AI-powered network infrastructure for campus, data centre, branch and remote worker applications and delivers a cloud experience at the edge that can be consumed either as a service in the cloud or on-premises, as a managed service delivered through Aruba partners, or via network as a service through HPE GreenLake.

The EnOcean Alliance is committed to enabling and promoting interoperable, maintenance-free and proven eco-systems based on the wireless EnOcean radio standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3-10/11 and its ecosystem currently offers more than 5.000 multi-vendor interoperable sensors enabling data collection for multiple applications, such as room or desk/chair occupancy, temperature and air quality, energy usage and restroom usage.

By securely interfacing IoT devices with new and existing Aruba Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 Access Points via a plug-in 800/900MHz radio, building control and business applications will now be hyperaware of their operating environments and the information provided can be used to better model cloud-based digital twins, and to optimise human activity monitoring, organisational redesign, augmented reality, human productivity, and occupant health and safety.

"A building becomes smart by virtue of being instrumented with IoT devices so applications are cognizant of the contextual status of the environment, occupants, energy requirements, service needs, security, and safety,” said Michael R. Tennefoss, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Aruba. “The richer the set of available IoT data, the more cognizant and adaptive the building and associated digital twins can become. The goal is to make hyperawareness simple and inexpensive, and that is what the mash up between Aruba and the EnOcean Alliance achieves.

"An inexpensive 800/900MHz plug-in radio brings existing and new Aruba customers access to thousands of IoT devices, including BACNet and multiple other protocol gateways, and software applications (both local and cloud based.) In turn, Alliance members gain access to Aruba’s installed base of education, enterprise, government, healthcare, hospitality, industrial, manufacturing, retail, and transportation customers.”

Commenting Graham Martin, Chairman and CEO of the EnOcean Alliance, said “Our collaboration opens up exciting new market opportunities for the Alliance members and the Aruba community by combining Aruba’s extensive network power and the flexibility of energy harvesting wireless sensors. The simplicity of the solution makes it now possible for facility, IT and other managers to easily add services, collecting data from “peel and stick” sensors across an entire building without pulling any new cables nor ever having to change a battery.”

Above: EnOcean has also announced the release of a starter kit that simplifies the integration of EnOcean wireless sensors with Aruba Wi-Fi access points - the IoT starter kit includes an EnOcean EMSIx multisensor, an Easyfit wireless switch, an EnOcean USB stick, and demonstration software. All devices support the EnOcean radio standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3-10/11).

EnOcean USB sticks are available in both 868 MHz (Europe) and 902 MHz (USA/Canada) versions, and are compatible with any Aruba Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 access point with a USB port that is running ArubaOS 8.7 software.

Aruba's Zero-Trust Network automatically establishes a secure data connection between EnOcean-compatible devices and the IoT application.