Application processor targeted at next generation mobiles

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Renesas Technology Europe is sampling the SH-Mobile APE4, an ARM Cortex-A8 based Application Processor Engine which runs at more than 1GHz. The part is targeted at next generation mobile phone and mobile device implementations.

With various dedicated processing engines integrated on chip, the device features such multimedia capabilities as 1080p full HD video recording/playback at 30frame/s and high speed 3d graphics rendering. The SH-Mobile APE4 provides a 16Mpixel image signal processor for best visual quality, while supporting full HD1080p movie processing. "With broadband wireless access like UMTS/HSPA or LTE, customers can have the internet at their fingertips wherever and whenever. Access to music, videos and games with mobile phones becomes as simple as it became on the pc a few years ago," said Carsten Wild, marketing manager application processor platforms. "Renesas has developed the SH-Mobile APE4 as the first device in a new class of application processors to offer an entirely new user experience on mobile computers and to solve the conflicts around creating an exciting multimedia experience within the low power budget of mobile devices."