Anti drone system gets TRL-9 status

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The AUDS drone defence system – developed by Blighter Surveillance Systems, Chess Dynamics and Enterprise Control Systems – is said to have to achieved TRL-9 status; the highest technology readiness level attainable. According to the US Department of Defense and NASA, TRL-9 signifies that a technology system or product is in its final form and has been proven through successful mission operations.

Blighter CEO Mark Radford, speaking for the AUDS team, said: “Achieving TRL-9 status is an important milestone for AUDS in the embryonic counter-drone market. The sale and deployment of multiple AUDS systems to the US military to protect critical assets and personnel makes AUDS, we believe, the only TRL-9 rated fully integrated strategic counter-UAS system on the market.”

The AUDS system can detect a drone – or unmanned aircraft system (UAS) – at distances of up to 10km using electronic scanning radar, track it using infrared and daylight cameras and video tracking software before using a non-kinetic inhibitor to block the radio signals that control it.

According to the consortium, this typically takes less than 15s, allowing the operator to effectively take control of a drone and force a safe landing.

AUDS is currently being evaluated by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for use at selected major US airports.

Meanwhile, the AUDS team has developed a range of new platforms to meet the needs of customers in different markets, including: a platform for the roof of a building; a field mast system; and a system for rapid deployment.