Analog Devices opens bespoke UK headquarters office

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On Friday 14th June, Analog Devices (ADI) opened the doors of its new UK headquarters office in Hayes, London.

By locating its new office in London, close to a fast Elizabeth Line link to the city centre, ADI has made itself accessible to the capital’s pool of talent. Not only software and hardware engineers, but also a community of entrepreneurs and start-up workers, as well as skilled staff in non-engineering disciplines.

Close to Heathrow airport, the new HQ is also a convenient hub for the company’s domain specialists located in other ADI locations such as Munich, Germany, Boston, US, and Limerick, Ireland. These technology and applications experts will now more easily be able to take part in UK customer meetings hosted by Analog Devices.

The new office is designed to easily accommodate all the staff who previously worked at ADI and legacy Linear Technology offices in Weybridge and Marlow, with an additional floating capacity to accommodate customer meetings, visits by field engineers, training facilities and an expanding staff headcount.

The site of the new office used to be a vinyl record factory which is mirrored in the decoration of the new office. The site’s history is appropriate given that many of ADI's UK customers serve the audio equipment manufacturing sector.

"This beautiful and impressive new office is a signal to the UK market that Analog Devices is in the UK for the long term and committed to providing all the technology and applications support that British customers need," said Shalini Palmer, EMEA Sales Director for Mobility at ADI.