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Akustica unveils new portfolio of hd voice microphones

Akustica has announced a complete analogue and digital family of top and bottom port hd voice microphones for smartphones, tablets and other consumer electronics.

Manufactured by Bosch, the four devices are said to offer 63dB signal to noise ratio, super wideband frequency response and tightly matched +/-2dB sensitivity. As they are pin to pin compatible with popular form factors, the company says the devices are also drop in replacements for the most commonly used MEMS microphones and provide a straightforward path for manufacturers to upgrade current designs to meet market demand. "What we're introducing here today is top port microphones that have the same excellent performance as the bottom port microphones," Dr Marcie Weinstein, Akustica marketing strategist told New Electronics. "Not only can customers easily upgrade what they have, but they can do it in the most flexible possible way."