Agilent boosts performance of 90000 X-Series scopes

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Agilent has expanded its recently announced Infiniium 90000 X-Series oscilloscope family, with the addition of six mixed signal (MSO) models, as well as 13GHz DSO and DSA variants

According to the company, the latest models include one of the highest performing scopes currently available: the DSAX91304A has a true analogue bandwidth of 13MHz, but can be upgraded to 33GHz. The digital channels of the latest MSO models can capture 20Gsample/s when used in an eight channel configuration, which Agilent says is 60% faster than other high performance MSOs. In a 16 channel set up, data is captured at 10Gsample/s. Devices in the 90000 X-Series have up to 400Mpt memories on each digital channel and memory depth can be sized automatically with analogue trace length. The company says this allows for fully time correlated capture of elusive events over a long periods. "As system speeds have increased, it has become clear that additional digital channels, with performance appropriate to the analogue scope bandwidth, would mark the next breakthrough for our customers," said Jay Alexander, general manager of Agilent's Oscilloscope Products Division. "Pairing the world's fastest MSO with up to 33GHz of true analogue bandwidth allows engineers to accurately debug and validate emerging technologies such as DDR4-3200." There are now eight models in the Infiniium 90000 X series. Alongside the DSAX91304A, the DSOX91304A offers a 13GHz bandwidth and samples at up to 80Gsample/s. The six MSO models span bandwidths from 13GHz to 32GHz and sample at 40 or 80Gsample/s. In MSO mode, these devices sample at up to 20Gsample/s. All MSOs have four analogue and 16 digital channels.