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8bit mcus cut cost, boost performance

In a move targeted at reducing system cost and development time, whilst boosting application performance, STMicroelectronics has launched the STM8S family of microcontrollers.

The 8bit mcus are specified for the industrial temperature range and combine high speed, performance and code efficiency with a selection of versatile peripherals. "The 32bit STM32 and 8bit STM8 families are the foundations on which our microcontroller portfolio will grow," said Jim Nicholas, General Manager of ST's microcontroller division. "The STM8 family ticks all the boxes, in terms of performance, peripherals and reliability, to offer a leading edge solution for industrial and appliance applications." The 8bit STM8 core has a 32bit memory interface and a three stage pipeline. Said to offer 20 MIPS performance at 24MHz, the core has 16Mbyte of linear memory address space. The STM8S family includes devices with up to 128kbyte of flash, whilst integrated eeprom is said to deliver performance comparable to that of external eeproms.