79GHz radar chip development partnership announced

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Belgian nanoelectronics specialist imec and Infineon Technologies have entered an agreement to develop highly integrated CMOS based 79GHz sensor chips for automotive radar applications. As part of the agreement, imec will contribute its expertise in high frequency system, circuit and antenna design, complementing Infineon’s radar sensor chip knowledge.

A first demonstrator chip is being developed using a 28nm CMOS process and the partners expect to produce functional CMOS sensor chip samples in the third quarter of 2016, with a complete radar system demonstrator scheduled for the beginning of 2017.

Ralf Bornefeld, general manager, Sense and Control, Infineon Technologies, said: “In the future, we will manufacture radar sensor chips as a single chip solution in a classic CMOS process for applications like automated parking.”

“We are excited to work with Infineon as a valuable partner in our R&D program on advanced CMOS based 77GHz and 79GHz radar technology,” stated Wim Van Thillo, pictured, programme director, perceptive systems, at imec.

“Compared to the mainstream 24GHz band, the 77GHz and 79GHz bands enable a finer range, Doppler and angular resolution. With these advantages, we aim to realise radar prototypes with integrated MIMO antennas that not only detect large objects, but also pedestrians and bikers and thus contribute to a safer environment for all.”