60W power supplies meet latest green specifications

1 min read

XP Power has announced the ECP60 series of low profile 60W ac/dc power supplies, which measure 4 x 2 x 1.2in and typically achieve 88% efficiency.

Having a no load power consumption of less than 0.5W, the ECP60 series is optimised to help designers ensure their products comply with internationally recognised 'green' energy efficiency specifications. The ECP60 series comprises eight models offering a 5VDC single output, three dual output and four triple output models. The units feature a peak load capability said to provide up to 130% of rated output power for up to 30seconds. The company says the devices are suitable for applications such as motor start up, where a higher wattage supply is occasionally required. Customers need not design in a higher wattage power supply thus saving additional cost and space. The ECP60 are convection cooled units, with no additional forced air cooling being required. They are capable of operating over a temperature range from -20 to 70°C, with no derating until 50°C.