£12m funding to develop high performance computing

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The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council has awarded £12million to the Science and Engineering South (SES) Consortium to develop university Tier 2 High performance computing (HPC) facilities. According to the University of Southampton, Tier 2 facilities fill a gap where computational needs have not been met by local or national machines.

The SES Consortium will develop three facilities:

  • the Cambridge Centre for Data Driven Discovery, led by the University of Cambridge. This multi-disciplinary facility wll provide large-scale data simulation and high performance data analytics;
  • the Materials and Molecular Modelling Hub, led by University College London; and
  • JADE, the Joint Academic Data Science Endeavour. Led by the University of Oxford, the 5Petaflop national GPU facility – the largest in the UK – will focus on machine learning, image/video/audio analysis and molecular dynamics.

SES members King’s College London, Imperial College London, and University of Southampton have contributed to all three new facilities.

Professor Mark Spearing from the University of Southampton said: “The University uses high performance and data intensive computing to develop medicines, design airplanes, and understand social science, fundamental physics and molecular scale chemistry in partnership with industry. This resource will accelerate the work of our scientists and engineers.”